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Wedding dresses for rural weddings that never go out of style

Your wedding day is something to look forward to. So if you want to stop stressing about it and start looking forward to it, consider handing things over to an experienced countryside wedding planner.

Traditional and casual wedding dresses for rural weddings

Traditional style wedding dresses are a great option if you want to go for a timeless look without breaking the bank. Traditional wedding dresses also tend to have a more relaxed and effortless look which can be perfect for  a bride to be who is looking for something that isn’t too over the top. 

For a simple, classy silhouette, slips or summer day-style wedding dresses work really well. Midi-dresses are also lovely and they are especially good if you’re going to be outside for most of the day at your rural wedding. These traditional styles can add a lovely vintage flare to your wedding and can easily be enhanced with some classy lace or a glamorous off the shoulder neckline. Long line buttons at the back can also add a nice traditional touch to your wedding dress. 

However, not every bride is bothered about looking glamorous on their wedding day and that’s fine! You can be a beautiful bride with a laid back casual wedding dress style. Remember, the most important thing about your dress is that it makes you feel amazing when you wear it, whilst also being comfortable. So if you’re a laid back bride and you want some casual wedding dress inspiration, check out this list of casual wedding dresses for laid back brides. Your wedding dress can be as casual or embellished as you choose so take the time to compare and contrast so that you can find the perfect style for you.

Researching your perfect wedding dress for your rural wedding

The traditional and casual wedding dresses that I have talked about so far are merely a drop in the ocean when it comes to the range of wedding dress styles available. There are so many options for you to think about and it’s worth spending the extra time to find out exactly what you want. So if you’re still unsure about the style you want, I can recommend some wedding dress research sites that you might find useful: hitched, rockmywedding, wed2b and millybridal.

Fashionable wedding dress ideas for your rural wedding

I know some of you will also be taking the current trends into consideration when choosing your wedding dress. If you are somebody who enjoys fashion then you might want to consider a ball gown. The princess look has always been adored by many but it’s coming back even bigger in 2023! High necklines are also very popular at the moment and will give your dress a regal, classy, yet also modest look.

If you want to play it safe with your wedding fashion there are some wedding dress trends that just never seem to go out of style. Long sleeve dresses provide an elegant look and also add that extra warmth, perfect for brides who will be spending time outdoors at their rural wedding! Veils and lace are still as popular as ever and will make you feel romantic and feminine on your special day. Flower crowns can also make an amazing wedding day accessory and can tie together your rural wedding theme. They have always been popular and even worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1954 during her wedding to Mel Ferrer!

Make sure you choose the best dress for you!

If you were feeling a bit stuck with the process of choosing a wedding dress for your rural wedding then I hope you will find some inspiration in this blog post. I have provided some recommendations based on wedding dress styles that are currently popular but these are merely suggestions. The most important thing above all is that you feel beautiful and comfortable in the wedding dress that you choose!

If you are finding the run up to your wedding stressful and would like someone to take some of that weight off your shoulders, consider hiring a countryside wedding planner so that you can stop stressing and start looking forward to the happiest day of your life!

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