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Barn, manor, or marquee, which countryside wedding venue is right for you?

Barn countryside wedding venues

Barn weddings are fantastic if you are looking for a rustic, warm and intimate countryside wedding venue. There is something so enticing about the traditional barn style and it is also a blank canvas in many ways. Obviously you will have to work with the structure of the barn but you can pretty much decorate the inside any way that you like. This makes Barns a great versatile venue choice and in combination with a solid plan you are almost guaranteed to have a unique vibe and a truly memorable wedding day.

One of the best parts about using a Barn for your wedding venue is the freedom you have to spend as much or as little as you want. If you fancy it you can put a lot of effort into dressing the room so that you get a blend of the rustic barn aesthetic with your chosen decor style. Or you can keep the decor super minimal and just work with the natural rustic beauty of your traditional countryside wedding venue!

There are however some significant disadvantages specific to barn weddings. One thing you will need to consider is the time of year you will be getting married and how this factors into heating the venue. Since a barn is a very traditional and rustic venue choice you might want to plan your wedding for the summer so that your guests aren’t freezing and to keep the costs of heating the venue down. You should also check the travel and accommodation options available to you as Barn weddings tend to be quite remote due to the rustic nature of the venue.

Marquee countryside weddings

Marquees are another great choice if you value having a lot of control over your countryside wedding venue. They are also becoming quite the trend and according to John Lewis, weddings held in barns and marquees have increased 100% between 2014 and 2019.

If you value versatility in your venue then the Marquee comes out on top. You could literally have a marquee wedding in your back garden if you wanted too! However, it is worth baring in mind that marquee weddings can be high cost due to the cost of outsourcing all of the details and suppliers.

The main disadvantage of a Marquee wedding is that they are highly dependent on the weather. You can find bigger Marquees that will be slightly more weather resistant but it is still a good idea to have a marquee wedding in the summer due to potential difficulties keeping your guests warm. You will also need to outsource catering and you may also need to source crockery and furniture for the wedding. Lastly, whilst big marquees can accommodate plenty of guests you will be more limited than you would be with a large manor house or stately home type venue so this is something to keep in mind during the planning of your wedding.

Manor house and stately home countryside wedding venues

On the opposite end of the spectrum to marquees we have manor houses and stately homes. These have always been popular choices for wedding venues and it’s easy to see why. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expecting a bit of grandeur from your countryside wedding venue and if it makes you happy on your big day then go for it!

The main advantages of these types of venues is the capacity and the accessibility. When it comes to manor houses and stately homes, there tend to be several different room and space options. Whether you would like hundreds of guests at your wedding or an intimate ceremony, there will likely be a room in the house that can accommodate your needs. You will probably find that manor houses and stately homes are also much less hassle when it comes to transport and accommodation. 

Whilst they are an excellent choice, manor houses and stately homes can be quite pricey wedding venues. If you want the grand, princess-like royal wedding style and you will not compromise on this aesthetic then I encourage you to go for it! Just be aware that you will need to fork out a hefty sum to cover the cost of the venue.

Another reason why you should choose a manor house or stately home as your wedding venue is that they are almost guaranteed to be successful at any time of the year. Venues like these are often experienced in hosting weddings and so they will be able to support you with things like in-house catering, accessible parking etc. However this also comes at the cost of less freedom in the customisation of your countryside wedding venue.

Take your time and choose the right countryside wedding venue for you

The venue is so important to the overall vibe of your countryside wedding and it’s something that people will remember so take your time and don’t compromise if you really don’t want to! It’s worth taking the time to do it right. 

I hope this blog post has given you some inspiration and incite when it comes to countryside wedding venues. If you would like a totally stress free wedding planning experience, consider handing things over to a knowledgeable wedding planner like Louisa May Weddings. So you can stop stressing and start looking forward to your big day.

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