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Top 5 things to consider when booking a barn wedding venue

With outdoor wedding season beginning at the end of April, it can be hard to know what you need to think about before getting stuck into wedding planning and that’s what I’m here for! Your big day should be as perfect as can be and with barn weddings there can be so many things to consider that you may not have thought of initially. Giving your wedding planner as much detail as you can is essential for making sure your special day goes without a hitch. Worry not! Read on for our top 5 things to consider when booking a barn wedding venue. This article should help you with your wedding planning checklist or even convince you to change your previous ideas about barn weddings! 

1. The time of year for your barn wedding

As beautiful as barn wedding venues are, the time of year plays a very important role and affects things like lighting, temperature and availability. As it is unlikely for your barn venue to have heating, it may be worth giving your guests a few hints about warmer clothing if your wedding is during a colder season. The time of year for your barn wedding can also affect the cost of your venue. Additionally, the cost of your barn wedding can change depending on whether it’s off-season or not. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of daylight hours, you may have to spend a bit more on your barn wedding venue. When having your wedding at a barn venue I would recommend that the ceremony should take place during the hours of sunlight but having the reception at night can add to the cosiness of the atmosphere!

2. Will there be furniture at your barn wedding venue?

Barn wedding venues have the natural decoration of mother nature – the fields, flowers and trees add to the beauty of having your wedding outdoors. However, not all barn wedding venues come furnished but this is usually made obvious through the price. It’s good to have the furniture figured out in the early stages; having a good wedding planner can go a very long way in ensuring all these details are taken care of! As part of this, your wedding planner will help you to consider whether or not you want to pay extra for a fully furnished or partly furnished barn, or view your barn wedding venue as a blank canvas for you to put your personal touches on!

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3. Are there noise restrictions on your barn wedding venue?

It is an easy mistake to presume that if you have the barn for an evening that you are able to make as much noise until the early morning. However, some barn wedding venues have special requirements due to sound ordinance regulations and noise pollution so it is definitely worth checking how loud your reception is allowed to get and until when! Your special day can be perfect without disrupting the peace of the beautiful countryside. A wedding planner with experience in planning barn weddings will take these things into consideration, easing the burden of the finicky details of your special day!

4. How accessible will your barn wedding venue be?

Barn wedding venues with beautiful fields can make for a very pretty picture, but they can also make for difficult parking – especially during the rainy seasons. To avoid this, make sure your site has good parking facilities and that your guests are aware of any issues they may face on the road. Additionally, you will also want to make sure your barn wedding venue is accessible for all of your loved ones. Having wheelchair-friendly options to be able to get to the barn may be essential, depending on your guests. Talk to your wedding planner about the different options available to you, so that all of your invited guests can enjoy your special day!

5. Recommended wedding suppliers for your barn wedding

As with any wedding, you need to think about wedding suppliers that are specific and suitable to your needs for your special day. Hitched has a brilliant and extensive directory of wedding suppliers across the UK. The directory includes things like mobile bar services and decorative hire, both of which could be extremely useful for your barn wedding venue! Making sure you have a wedding planner who understands your needs and is dedicated to giving you the best options goes a very long way too!

Planning your perfect barn wedding

As your wedding planner and coordinator, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your wedding goals and making sure that your barn wedding venue is perfect! Everyone’s special day will be special for different reasons and it is important to take all these things into consideration as well as the personal touches you want to add to your big day! 

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