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How to deal with the stress of your upcoming countryside wedding

You are not alone in feeling stressed about your upcoming countryside wedding

  • 40% of couples find wedding planning “extremely stressful”
  • Wedding planning makes 71% of couples more nervous than they are for job interviews.

Make sure to not let all things ‘wedding’ take over your life. Make time for friends and family, and make sure that when you do meet up with people, you don’t just discuss the wedding as it is important to focus on other things (and it might get a bit tiring for them, too).

While it’s completely normal to have these feelings, there are some steps you can take to relieve the stress to help u-turn your feelings back to enjoying planning your countryside wedding. 

Practical steps to reduce stress when planning a countryside wedding

1- Have a clear and concise order of events for the day and distribute it to all suppliers for your wedding.
2- Have all supplier contact details on a spreadsheet and easily accessible.
3- Contact all your suppliers approx 4 weeks prior to your wedding day to confirm details and arrival/cleardown times.
4- Book a wedding coordinator to take the reins on your wedding day so that you can switch off from being the main planner, and enjoy being the bride!

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Wedding Planning and Your Emotional Wellbeing

Looking after yourself has got to be a priority. You have your upcoming dream countryside wedding to look forward to and you want to not only look your best but you want to feel your best too. Stress and anxiety can take a toll on how we feel internally and externally. 

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to deal with wedding planning stress and anxiety. 

  1. Make sure to prioritise your wellbeing over any wedding-related (or other!) stress.
  2.  Keep in mind that your wedding is a celebration and something to look forward to, instead of worrying about.
  3. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the preparations, make sure to take a break and try to share the organisational burden.
  4. Being nervous about your wedding definitely shouldn’t be the first emotion you feel when you think about the day – try to enjoy the process.
  5. Although it might feel like there is a never-ending list of things to do, start by writing down everything you have to do and then number the list to make a well-structured to-do list you can easily follow.
  6. Share the load – although it may feel like everything is your responsibility, it doesn’t have to be!
  7. Try and make a timeline so that the weeks before the wedding are relaxed and enjoyable.
  8. While it can be useful to have the input of friends and family, it can also get overwhelming when everyone tries to chip in. Don’t forget that it is your day and it’s up to you and your partner to have the final say – you are the people you should be trying to please.
  9. Make sure you are getting enough sleep as tiredness will only add to the feeling of pre-wedding stress.
  10. Hire a wedding planner to take control of all the stress of the day, such as setting up and organising caterers.

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Being Stress Aware When Planning your Countryside Wedding

Be aware of symptoms of stress, such as feeling irritated, headaches, an upset stomach, problems with concentration etc – everyone is different and so stress affects everyone differently. If you are feeling stressed, feel free to ban talking about the wedding if you want to escape for a bit and have fun with those you are close to. Taking a break from social media can also help to reduce your countryside wedding planning stress. Although it can be fun to see different wedding inspiration blogs and posts, after a while, it can become overwhelming as you can’t have everything at your wedding and will at some point have to draw the line. Don’t forget the importance of fresh air and exercise to support your mental health – if you are feeling overwhelmed, head out for a walk or a breath of fresh air.


Just recognising signs of stress and anxiety is your first step in reducing these feelings. Take a breather and re-group your mindset. Planning your ultimate countryside wedding should evoke feelings of joy and excitement. Following a few simple, practical and emotional steps can help to ease these feelings of stress and let you get back to feeling in control and happy rather than feeling overwhelmed. 

Be good to yourself and remember you are not alone in feeling stressed. But you also have your big day to look forward to – try not to lose sight of this. For more information about how a wedding coordinator can help you to deal with the stress of your upcoming countryside wedding, get in touch!

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